Our B2B offer allows our partners and their customers to get extended and holistic values by multiple integrations of a variety of mobility services in an immediate and easy way


Parking indoor

Availability, booking, entering, payment for indoor parking structures

Charging on-street

Booking, charging and payment for EV charging stations located on-street

Charging indoor

Booking, charging and payment for EV charging stations located in parking structures

HELLO’s network of mobility services providers keeps on growing. We have 3 services active in Italy right now. Parking indoor and charging indoor are currently located in the major cities: Milan, Rome, Naples, Bologna, Florence, Turin. On-street points of charge are spread all over the territory. We are now expanding through the major European cities while activating new services providers. Throughout all these services we provide the same interaction for all the different services by creating common standard layer for the experience. The way the user interacts with parkings is the same across all the different access types (manual, automatic) and different system providers (Skidata, Came, Scheidt & Bachmann). Same for Charging provider operators and the further services that will be activated in the future.
Our technology enables a complete and coherent interaction among the different mobility services available in our network. This is made possible thanks to the complementary set of APIs and Bluetooth Low Energy communication. BLE is used for all interactions with the physical infrastructures, even in underground where data connection is not available. Different scenarios of integration are possible based on our customer existing offer. If our customers have already an application, our modular Software Development Kit seamlessly integrates with the existing solutions, also providing useful pre-built components that accelerate the integration of mobility services. On the other hand we provide and maintain a customized ready-to use application.
Our partners can easily offer mobility services to their user base, creating new form of engagement. The best alignment ever with shared revenue model. We grow as our partners grow providing new revenue streams. We are interested in our partners' needs, strategic mobility services or new specific locations to reach. We co-develop the network with our partners, creating ad hoc services based on their requests.

the new urban mobility experience

Following the Covid emergency HELLO decided to step in and help to face the new challenges that are emerging in handling the urban mobility, creating a digital touch point for citizens.
HELLO app is the new way to move smartly around cities, rediscovering parking structures in their new role of intermodal hubs.